Fresh Trade Belgium: association representing companies active in the fruit and vegetable business in Belgium

Fresh Trade Belgium is the association representing the importers, exporters and wholesalers, fresh cut companies and logistic service providers active in the fruit and vegetable business.

Belgapom (Belgian trade and processing of potatoes), Vegebe (processing of vegetables) and Fresh Trade Belgium are partners in the umbrella association FVPhouse (house of fruit, vegetables and potatoes).

Fresh Trade Belgium is member of UNIZO, association for SME, and the European trade association Freshfel. Fresh Trade Belgium also has a mandate within Vlam sector group fruit and vegetables for promotion on foreign markets.

Fresh Trade Belgium is member of PTMV (Platform of Concertation for Processors and Traders of Primary Vegetal ressources) and Vegaplan. The Vegaplan standard offers guarantees on quality and food safety of Belgian vegetal produce and is recognized by QS in Germany under certain conditions.